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Our Authors

Grad Year Author’s Name Book Title/email Website/Info
1930 Richard Nixon* “The Memoirs of Richard Nixon”
1936 Hilda Lassalette “Fishing for Love” (The Knowing)
1947 Joanne Slater Lopez Wood Family History Book
1948 Marjorie Johana Moon Goldberg Garrison

Why Tears”

1949 Mary Garliepp Myers “Blooming in the Garden of Expectations”
1955 Gary Smith "The Big City Motor Cop" Buy on Amazon

A young, idealistic young man from Iowa comes to California to join the Los Angeles Police Department in the late 1950s. The country is in the beginning of the Civil Rights era and many cities are in turmoil. After a two-year stint in street patrol in downtown L.A., Pete Felix achieves his goal of becoming a motorcycle officer. His fellow officers call themselves B.C.M.C. meaning, Big City Motor Cops. His first trial is to complete the rigid training required by the LAPD to be accepted as a motor officer. As Pete relates, it was not an easy task. During his motor officer training, Pete meets his future police partner and they begin to experience the challenges and dangers that motorcycle cops face daily on the crowded and mean streets of L.A.. Pete begins his story after his retirement as a middle-aged man watching the riots on TV that followed the Rodney King incident. He fumes at the lack of police attention to the crimes being committed in front of the cameras. Finally, he realizes that he can do nothing to stop the wild scenes and, in frustration, heads off to bed thinking of the past and his time on the job with the BCMCs. He then relates many of his activities, arrests and experiences, which include many humorous incidents mixed with some of the most terrifying times in the City of Angels. The reader will find out what it is like to be a traffic enforcement officer in one of the largest cities in the country. Pete tells how he learned the ins and outs of riding a big police motorcycle on the streets and freeways of L.A. and gives you a personal glimpse of the many personalities that make up the LAPD of that era. Look in on the rollicking times in the police roll-calls as they start their tours of duty. They challenge authority of supervision and generally raise hell at some of these roll-calls! Pete opens his police story with the chilling and most dangerous motorcycle police action: a pursuit! He describes his thoughts and actions as he chases the suspects and tries to stay alive while doing it. As the story unfolds, you get a picture of the private conversations and relationships between the officers with which Pete works in the various phases of his career. Accidents and confrontations with traffic violators are the daily challenge of a BCMC and Pete has his own way of dealing with them. The manner with which cops deal mentally with the horrors and the sadness of the real life and death that the cops must face will surprise you. Some will say that cops must be hardened and cynical to cope. Some are and some aren t. Go with Pete and his fellow officers as the City of L.A. erupts into the chaos of the Watts Riot. Feel the terror and dangers that faced the BCMCs and the innocent victims of the riot. Pete survives several minor accidents on his motorcycle but, while on a special detail chasing speeders in a busy part of L.A., Pete crashes into a car that makes an illegal turn in front of him. He receives major injuries that threaten his career as a motor cop. Pete recovers and regains his position on the job but things are never the same for him after that. As Pete ages, he looks back at the way things were and the way they for are him now. With a flare for comedy and a dedication to duty, Gary Smith tells the stories that he and other officers lived on the LAPD in his era. The stories in his book are true stories from his personal experiences and of some of his fellow officers. Names have been changed but the realities that Gary portrays here are.... The way it was!

1955 Gary Smith "Hide & Seek - The Warrant Game" Buy on Amazon

Find out how the game of Hide and Seek is played with the men of the LAPD in their search for those who think they can evade justice by hiding out. Hide And Seek will take you behind the scenes of the LAPD and its Warrant Services Detail of the 1970's. There, you will meet former motorcycle officer Pete Felix and a chosen few veteran officers who attempt to find and bring to justice those who have warrants issued for their arrest buy the courts. Learn interestng facts about how the warrant game is played and the impact that unserved warrants have on the City of Los Angeles. You will taste the humor and danger that officers face each time they knock on doors behind which may lurk....death. The names have been changed. The stories are true.

1955 Willie Gordon* William C. Gordon, a former San Francisco trial lawyer, has written a series of noir mysteries about San Francisco in the 1960’s. They have been well received in several languages and are now available in English. Gordon is a world traveler and a photographer and incorporates the diversity of his life experiences into his fiction.
1959 John Saul

House of Reckoning is John Saul’s thirty-sixth novel. His first novel, Suffer the Children, published in 1977, was an immediate million-copy bestseller. His other bestselling suspense novels include Faces of Fear, In the Dark of the Night, Perfect Nightmare, Black Creek Crossing, Midnight Voices, The Manhattan Hunt Club, Nightshade, The Right Hand of Evil, The Presence, Black Lightning, The Homing, and Guardian. He is also the author of the New York Times bestselling serial thriller The Blackstone Chronicles, initially published in six installments but now available in one complete volume. Saul divides his time between Seattle, Washington, and Hawaii.

1965 William C Rempel
1966 Toni Dailey Sarcinella

Wolf & Owl Remember, Travels Through Time

1967 Don Kubicki
1967 Jack Call

Author of several books on philosophy, religion, and psychedelics.

1968 Daniel L Orr II
1968 Jerrianne (Thomas) Smith jerrianne.smith@biola.eduMom

Mom Please Teach Us to Cook
1969 Rhea Frances Tetley

Tetley’s family developed the Valley of Enchantment section of Crestline, beginning in 1924, and she has been visiting the area since birth. She has lived there with her family, full time, since 1976. She is a past president and founder of the Crest Forest/Rim of the World Historical Society and is on the board of directors of the Mountain History Museum in Lake Arrowhead. She is married to Douglas W. Motley, the senior writer for the Alpernhorn News, based at Crestline, CA.

1970 Anne Ewing Rassios*

”Godquake: Eternal Tales from Modern Mount Olympus”
1970 Michael Moore (Stark Hunter)

Born in Whittier, California in 1952, Stark Hunter was an English teacher for 38 years before retiring from the classroom in 2017. He has written and published 14 books, which are available on and Barnes & In A Gadda Da Vida, a novel, published in 2002, Carnivorous Avenues, a poetry volume published in 2004, Flies, a short novel published in 2005, Private Diaries, a satire published in 2006, Voices From Clark Cemetery, a poetry volume published in 2013, Cocktails For the Soul, a poetry anthology published in 2013, Voices From Mt. Olive Cemetery, a poetry volume published in 2018, Digested by the Dust, another poetry anthology, published in 2018, Scenes From the Cerebellum, published in 2019, Monster Trees, published in 2020, White Sidewalks in 2021, Covid Gardens in 2021, and Pink Oleanders in 2022. Fourteen of Mr Hunter's poems from Voices From Clark Cemetery were adoptedand set to music by Dr. George Mabry, composer and former conductor of the Nashville Symphony Chorus, for his work, Voices, a musical drama which was performed at Austin Peay State University in Clarksville, TN in 2015. Mr. Hunter's poetry has been included in the following Poetry Anthologies: Starts in Our Hearts, Visions, published 2012 (World Poetry Movement); In My Lifetime, Chronicles, published 2013 (Eber and Wein Publishing); PS: It's Poetry, An anthology of Eclectic Contemporary Poems Written by Poets From Around the Globe; published 2020 ( Spillwors Pres E-Zine, 2021, the Lothlorien Poetry Journal in 2021. The Synchronied Chaos literary journal in 2022, and Silent Spark Press in 2022.

1970 Sue Ann Jaffarian

Like her character Odelia Grey from the Odelia Grey mysteries, Sue Ann Jaffarian, is a middle-aged, plus size paralegal. She lives in Los Angeles with her two cats, B and Raffi. She writes mysteries and general fiction, as well as short stories.  In addition to writing, Sue Ann is sought after as a motivational and humorous speaker. Want to receive HOT FLASHES, Sue Ann’s newsletter? To subscribe, just send an e-mail to with “Add Me” in the subject line. HOT FLASHES is distributed 3-5 times a year via e-mail. And rest assured, your e-mail information is never sold to or shared with anyone.

1971 Christina Marino The Cancer Survival Cookbook
1972 Teri Oberstein Azar The Reading Companion
1973 Frederick A. Moore

published author in 2021, with his first book, a Christian, Non-fiction Memoir titled, BEYOND VENGEANCE TO FORGIVENESS

1979 (Wendy) Alane Adams Alane is proud member of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators, the International Reading Association, The Literacy Research Association, and the California Reading Association.

Having been an avid reader my entire life, books based on mythology have always fascinated me the most. I think it’s the idea of magic and the unlimited potential behind the surreal. Building an entirely new world like the fantastical realm of Orkney in my series has been a wonderful challenge. When I think of stories that don’t involve some element of magic it feels dry and boring. I love characters that are deeply flawed and full of emotions like anger and frustration and a burning desire to understand why it is they are so flawed. There are so many wonderful writers out there that entertain children and adults alike, but my all-time favorite book is River God by Wilbur Smith because it tells such a powerful story of life in ancient Egypt and you can’t help but be swept back to that time and place. When I'm not writing or teaching, I'm out hiking somewhere in the world or hanging out with my three boys who are my greatest job. Thank you for visiting my page. I Hope you enjoy reading these books as much as I enjoyed writing them for you.

1980 Bob Lowe

“Soccer: $tate in the States” looks at the players, people and the business of pre-professional and pro soccer in the United States. It is the ONLY BOOK examining the men’s and women’s game from Division 4 up the pyramid to the first division (MLS and NWSL). There's also a look at the U.S. Men’s and Women’s National Teams and recaps of all leagues in the USA.

1983 Laila Ibrahim

Laila Ibrahim is the best selling author of Yellow Crocus and six other novels.  She writes poignant and hopeful stories about mothering in the face of systemic oppression.  The daughter of an Egyptian professor at Whittier College and a White teacher from Indiana, her own family’s mixed heritage made her curious about what binds together, and separates, families. Growing up in Whittier California in the 1970’s exposed her to a wide diversity of the human family which sparked a curiousity that has yet to end.  She studied attachment theory at Mills College and San Francisco State University. She lives in Berkeley in a small co-housing community with her wife Rinda and toy Aussie, Hazel.

1986 Roger Ziegler

Patchwork Kid, The Hope Parade

1988 Jim Hoerricks, PhD (Kenneth James Hoerricks) No Place for Autism
1988 Theresa Covello Hoiles For over ten years Theresa has worked in various aspects of the entertainment, Internet and advertising fields. As a freelance writer and creative copywriter, she has written for television, the Internet, radio scripts, and commercials. Her marketing skills include writing copy for DVD packaging, consumer and trade advertisements, brochures, games and point of purchase products for Home Entertainment clients including Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, Disney Creative Services and the International Film and Television School. Aside from entertainment, Theresa has written marketing materials in the medical, banking, education and insurance fields.

Theresa is the co-author of the non-fiction book, “Love, Luck and Lore” (2006 Conari Press). She has also ghost written for Knock Knock Productions. In addition, Theresa has blogged for’s ParentPedia site, and

1993 Mark Mata How to Understand Spirituality & Spiritual Gifts, A Psychic Medium’s Perspective
1994 Ivannia Artavia Soto Ivannia Soto, PhD , is a professor of education and the director of graduate programs at Whittier College, where she specializes in language acquisition, systemic reform for English language learners (ELLs), and urban education. She began her career in the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), where she taught English and English language development to a population of 99.9% Latinos, who either were or had been multilingual learners. Before becoming a professor, Soto also served LAUSD as a literacy coach as well as district office and county office administrator. She has presented on literacy and language topics at various conferences, including the National Association for Bilingual Education (NABE), the California Association for Bilingual Association (CABE), the American Educational Research Association (AERA), and the National Council of Urban Education Associations. As a consultant, Soto has worked with Stanford University’s School Redesign Network (SRN), WestEd, and CABE, as well as a variety of districts and county offices in California, providing technical assistance for systemic reform for ELLs and Title III. Recently, Soto also directed a CABE bilingual teacher and administrator program across California.

Soto has authored and coauthored 12 books, including The Literacy Gaps: Bridge-Building Strategies for English Language Learners and Standard English Learners; ELL Shadowing as a Catalyst for Change, a best seller that was recognized by Education Trust–West as a promising practice for ELLs in 2018; Moving From Spoken to Written Language With ELLs; the Academic English Mastery four-book series; the Common Core Companion four-book series for English language development; Breaking Down the Wall; and Responsive Schooling for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Students. Together, the books tell a story of how to equitably engage and include multilingual learners by ensuring that they gain voice and an academic identity in the classroom setting. Soto is executive director of the Institute for Culturally and Linguistically Responsive Teaching (ICLRT) at Whittier College, whose mission it is to promote relevant research and develop academic resources for ELLs and Standard English learners (SELs) via linguistically and culturally responsive teaching practices

2025 Julia Rodriguez Dried Lavender and Sage, book of poetry